Hoch im Kurs

The educational initiative "Hoch im Kurs" provides students of upper secondary level with basic economic knowledge. The aim is to enable young people to make well-founded and autonomous decisions on financial matters.

We provide interested schools with teaching material (student magazine and teacher's booklet). With success: Teachers have already ordered more than 1.4 million information packs for lessons. For the school year 2019/2020 an updated new edition of the "Hoch im Kurs" course materials was published, which also assists young people in their financial affairs by way of the topic "digital finances". You can order the information material free of charge at www.jubi-shop.de or download it from the BVI website.

You can also find more information about "Hoch im Kurs" on the initiative's website - including the free smartphone app "Geld-Check" (Money Check), which helps students learn how to take charge of their money and keep track of their finances.

"Hoch im Kurs" teaching materials (in German)

Website "Hoch im Kurs" with "money check" (in German)


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