Institutional Investors

"Spezialfonds" for institutional investors

The term "investment fund" is typically understood as a retail fund whose units anyone can purchase. However the largest investor group is in fact institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension fund institutions, foundations, churches and companies. They invest capital in "Spezialfonds" (funds for institutional clients only) or have it managed via discretionary mandates. These institutional capital investments are of substantial economic significance.

Insurers continue to favor open-ended Spezialfonds

Great importance for society as a whole

Investment companies manage more than EUR 3 trillion. This represents virtually 70 per cent of German gross domestic product. Around EUR 1,500 billion of this is attributed to institutional investors. They appreciate the unique advantages of funds and, as such, they have the money of their clients managed by investment companies in a risk-diversified and professional manner. Funds guarantee liquidity and transparency in a strictly regulated market and make a substantial contribution to the industry's value to society.

Including institutional investments, the investment industry in Germany directly or indirectly manages the assets of some 50 million citizens across Germany.