Corona Pandemic

The Corona crisis affects the real and financial economy on a massive scale.  Why we think market closures, short selling bans and panic selling are not the way to go.

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The stock market turbulences around Corona are a challenge for the fund industry, politics, supervisory authorities and international institutions alike. The BVI pleads for pragmatic action with a sense of proportion - also in the investors' interest.


Corona crisis


BVI: No general pan-EU ban on...

The German investment funds association BVI is firmly opposed to a general ban on short selling in the EU as currently demanded by some regulators and...

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Corona crisis


Stock exchanges must remain open...

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the German fund association BVI is calling for continued reliable and transparent trading on all stock exchanges.

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Corona crisis


BVI on the corona virus

Our top priority is the health of our employees, our members' employees and our external contacts.

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