Pension Provision

Pension provision has to be fundamentally reformed, and this will only work with a funded component in the first pillar, flexible guarantees, and tax incentives.


A key element of the Federal Government's pension provision policy is the introduction of partial capital cover in the statutory pension insurance. We welcome the investment in productive capital with the aim of reducing the steadily increasing tax subsidies for statutory pension insurance in the medium term.

The BVI also consider the Federal Government's commitment to occupational and private pension provision as positive. The fund industry is the largest manager of capital for pension provision purposes in Germany. We see the intention to allow higher return opportunities in occupational pension schemes as an opportunity to invest more in equities.

The BVI equally support the effort to have high-yield investment products recognised by law as part of private pension provision and are committed to finally including fund savings plans in this process.

The coalition parties have further agreed on a thorough examination of a publicly accountable fund in private pension provision, which we consider to be imperative in order to ensure that there is no competition-distorting intervention in the market. Moreover, the coalition partners state that ongoing Riester contracts should be grandfathered. The BVI believes that the Federal Government should soften the contribution guarantee for the Riester pension in order to enable Riester savers to make high-yield investments.

The BVI welcome the fact that the Federal Government will raise the savers' lump sum to EUR 1,000. However, for this measure to be additionally effective, the Federal Government should give savers the option of taking along unused lump-sum savings amounts year after year.




Retirement Provision


BVI-Stellungnahme zum Referentenentwurf eines Gesetzes zur Verbesserung der Transparenz in der Alterssicherung und der Rehabilitation sowie zur Modernisierung der Sozialversicherungswahlen (Gesetz Digitale Rentenübersicht)


Retirement Provision


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Retirement Provision


BVI-Position Betriebliche Altersversorgung


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