About funds

Key facts about funds

The concept of investment funds is almost as old as the steam engine. What are the advantages of funds? How do they work? And what types of different funds are there?

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Savings and old-age provision

Investment funds are ideally suited to provide for your retirement. Find out here how you can build up your assets over the long term.

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Taxation of the fund investment

Private investors should know the main features of the taxation of investment funds. A description of the taxation can be found here.

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Financial Education

Financial knowledge is important for everyone - read regularly news about investing with funds or take part in a telephone campaign.

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Here you will find all our points of view and statements at a glance.

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The fund industry

Find out why funds are important for business and society.

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In terms of assets under management, the BVI member companies together cover over 95 percent of the German market.

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