In our nine committees, the full members develop industry specific positions on specialist topics. By doing so they make a significant contribution to the work of the association. Committee members are elected by the general meeting for a period of two years. In addition, there are working groups dealing with specific questions. Currently there are the following BVI committees:

Administration & Standardisation

The committee deals with standardisation issues in the front, middle and back offices of KVGs and asset managers as well as with operational issues of cooperation with other market participants.

retirement provision

The Committee is developing strategic approaches to strengthen the role of investment funds in funded pension provision and on measures to improve the regulatory environment.

EU & International

The Committee develops strategies to promote industry interests in the context of regulatory projects at EU and international level. To this end, it evaluates the impact of regulatory initiatives on the fund industry and coordinates strategic positions and statements vis-à-vis international bodies.

Real estate

The committee deals with legal, tax and economic issues specific to real estate funds and develops BVI's strategic orientation in the area of real estate funds.


The Committee coordinates public relations work to promote private and institutional investment in investment funds.

Law & Compliance

The Committee deals with the interpretation, implementation and compliance with national law relevant to the asset management industry as well as with the national implementation of EU law and international law. It develops concrete proposals to improve the legal framework.

Risk Management & Performance

The Committee coordinates technical issues related to risk management and develops standards for risk reporting to investors and supervisors. In addition, it actively participates in the work of national and international committees in the field of performance measurement and analysis as well as fund ranking and rating.

Tax and Balance Sheet Committee

The committee deals with the interpretation and implementation of national and international tax law. It develops concrete proposals for the further development of investment tax law and is also responsible for accounting.


The committee deals with strategic issues relating to sales and its organisation. It assesses the impact of the legal framework on distribution and, in this context, also discusses issues relating to the standardisation of distribution and sales documentation.

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