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How big is your personal pension gap in old age?

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On the basis of your personal data, you can expect a monthly net pension of approx. 901 euros at the age of 67 based on today's purchasing power.

This corresponds to approx. 58 percent of your expected last net wage of 1.546 euros. In general, however, you no longer need your full earned income when you retire: 80 percent of your last net salary should be sufficient to provide for you when you retire.

This corresponds to 335 euros in your case. You will not achieve this pension target with your pension. You are missing 1.237 euros every month.

Last net salary
1.546 EUR
Pension gap
(only statutory
pension considered)
335 €
901 €

The pension gap calculator was created with great care. It is meant for guidance purposes only. The BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. can not guarantee for the accuracy of all calculations.

The calculated monthly pension value was calculated using a special approximation method on the basis of the information provided. Since the amount of the monthly statutory pension depends on many different individual factors, your actual pension may be lower or higher. Future legal developments cannot be taken into account here either.

The tax calculation takes into account the employee lump sum, the special expenditure lump sum and the pension lump sum. Income tax is calculated at the basic rate for unmarried couples and at the splitting rate for married couples. The solidarity surcharge is taken into account. Church taxes are not calculated. Personal circumstances (for example, child allowances or income-related expenses that exceed the employee lump sum) are not taken into account. The calculation is based on the tax law applicable for the assessment period 2018.

The pension calculator assumes an average annual increase in pensions of around 2 percent. This assumption is based on a corresponding model calculation by the Federal Government from the 2016 Pension Insurance Report.

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